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'...part of a new and promising generation, he combines a stupendous technique and a virtuosic command of music literature with an unprecedented gift of interpretation.Beyond the organized circus of the heavily marketed "big names", an extraordinary talent is developing. (like a pearl in an oyster) He will certainly reap wide acclaim for himself in the future.' (Enjott Schneider)

‘I wish this young artist a wealth of developmental possibilities for his exceptional talent. ..........he is also a master of improvisation, creative, and flexible with surprising and unique traits.' (Prof. Dr. Hans Maier)

Who exactly is this Jürgen Geiger whose artistic abilities have illicited such euphoric words of praise from the renowned composer, Enjott Schneider and the former Bavarian Minister of Culture, Prof. Dr. Hans Maier?

Born in 1976, his initial defining experience with music was his meeting with Johannes Skudlik in Landsberg am Lech. The Cantor instructed the young musician over the course of many years, directing and supervising his development up to and through his university degree. He studied Organ, Piano and Conducting under Mr. Skudlik.

Jürgen Geiger completed his comprehensive study of music at the "Hochschule für Musik und Theater (Academy for Music and Theatre)" in Munich and graduated after earning five diplomas. He studied another four years with Prof. Michael Schäfer thereby earning his concert degree. In reference, Prof. Schäfer writes about his former pupil:

"He distinguishes himself through an extraordinary technique and an enormous musical sensitivity. His musical interests and abilities are manifold and extend far beyond purely pianistic adroitness. These qualities combined with his fresh, aggressive style lend his interpretation a remarkable measure of originality which holds his listeners captive."

Parallel to these other academic obligations, Jürgen Geiger studied Catholic Church music (Choir directing under Prof. Michael Gläser), from 1995-2001. He completed his studies by passing the exams which qualified him to work as an A-level musician in a Catholic parish in 1999 and was awarded a degree in Music Education in 1999. In 2002, after successfully completing further exams, he earned the Concert diploma in Organ and Organ improvisation. (Studied with Wolfgang Hörlin)

Jürgen Geiger currently lives in Weilheim (Obb.) and is engaged there as a church musician of the Parish Community in Weilheim.

For several years, he has travelled extensively through Europe, giving concerts and working with renowned musicians. Among these credits include: The Asiago-Festival, The Cathedral Notra Dame in Lausanne, La Madeleine in Paris and the Munster in Bonn. He also worked with the well known musician and director, Jean Guillou (Paris). His recitals offer listeners interpretations of a widely spanned repertoire - from Renaissance to Modern as well as his own compositions and improvisations.

A speciality and concert highlight are his highly virtuosic piano transcriptions of the Russian piano legend, Vladimir Horowitz. These improvisations were never written down but through meticulous work Jürgen Geiger has succeeded in reconstructing them using the original historic recordings.

It is our sincere wish that this outstanding artist, encouraged by the enthusiastic applause of the musically astute public, will continue to pursue his path of gifted interpretation and improvisational prowess

Franz Gattung (Festival e. V.)